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Photographic Series “Air Drive” by Renaud Marion

Check out more of the Air Drive photo series by Renaud Marion or discover other outstanding photography on WE AND THE COLOR.

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Floating Classic Cars

Paris-based photographer Renaud Marion created this photo manipulation series “Air Drive” of floating classic cars. The series features the old vision of cars in the future floating without the need of tires. But nowadays we still waiting for it.

More images of the “Air Drive” photo series on WE AND THE COLOR

Electro Font

An experimental typeface from HypeForType. Geometric lines with sharp edges give this font its futuristic look.

You can buy the Electro font from HypeForType.

More images of the Electro font on WE AND THE COLOR
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The Sobek Typeface.

Sobek is a typeface by the Font-Foundry Thinkdust. It’s an experimental and futuristic font. The font is based on remixed sans serif letterforms and it’s perfect for use display and headline font.

The Sobek typeface is available here.

More images of the Sobek Typeface on WE AND THE COLOR
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Advanced Architecture

For the Smart City Expo in Barcelona, Spain, the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia designed the outstanding Endesa Pavilion.

Geomas Font

A futurisitc type design by Josip Kelava.

"Ever listened to a piece of music and got inspired? Well this was the case for the creation of Geomas. I was never really a fan, but lately I have been listening to Dubstep. I listened to the track Kill The Noise (Part 1) and the intro to this track took me on a journey far from here. It felt futuristic, bold, calculated and systematic. And thus, Geomas was created. It’s funny how music can do that to you."

The font is available here.

The Future of Sports

The collaboration between Photographer Tim Tadder and digital artist Mike Campau is inspired by the Tron films and it’s showing a futuristic vision of sports in the future.

Futurism in Architecture.

Hugh Ferriss (1889 – 1962) was an American visionary architect who created perspective drawings of futuristic buildings. With is drawings, he influenced whole generation of architects.

Futuristic Architecture.

The eco friendly, prefabricated California Roll House, designed by Violent Volumes.

"This eco friendly home is constructed from a fiber-reinforced plastic paired with carbon trusses used for support. The house utilizes automatic doors that are controlled by using hydraulic power. Being the house is designed for the desert, the occupants need to keep themselves cool. The home’s microclimate is controlled electronically to ensure that occupants remain comfortable inside regardless of outside temperatures. Check out the images of this beautiful work of art after the break."

via hiconsumption.com

Futuristic Illustrations by Dan Matutina

Illustrations for Alex Mathers’ book on “Self-Promotion using Google Plus”

Artworks by Dan Matutina.

More inspiring illustrations.

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The World Polity in 2030

Airbrush artwork by Edward McKnight Kauffer, published in 1930.

More graphic design inspiration.

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Poster design

from the series: “Futurism - An Odyssey in Continuity” by Simon C Page.

More poster design inspiration.

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Night To Remember // Poster Design

quoted from seamz.ca

more poster design inspiration

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Super Bowl Poster Design

Looking forward to the upcoming Super Bowl? Let’s take a look in the past to this old poster design for the Super Bowl XIII from 1979 in a modern futuristic style. 

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Conception // Digital Artwork

by Philip Brunner in collaboration with Pedro Julien.

Thanks Philip for adding your work to the WE AND THE COLOR Flickr-Group.

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